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What is your "Why"?

One of my favorite game shows from back in the day and still today if I watched tv much was "Family Feud." I should definitely add that to my 2021 DO MORE List! Be on Family Feud!

(Yes, just thought of that) I always thought I would do well with it, just a matter of picking the right family members. If you asked 100 people "Why do you exercise?", what would the top answers be?

My guess is the top answer would be "to lose weight"

"get in shape" would probably be the real top answer but that one is SUPER vague. When someone replies with that one, they usually get a smartass response from me like "We talking triangles? squares? What kinda shape ya wanna be?"

The reason I bring all this up is because I want you to think about your "why"

I know a guy who a couple years ago was very sedentary, very obese, very cardiovascular unhealthy. He recently had COVID. He was fine. Why? All that exercise and fitness mumbo jumbo did a lot more than just make his waist smaller. It makes you HEALTHIER. It makes your immune system stronger. It changes the way your heart and your lungs function. If that same dude gets COVID 3 years ago, it's probably gonna smoke him. As Peter Twist said "Covid isn't our problem, Covid has exposed our problem."

So you have all that down, your good. What is all this have to do with you? Well, you do much more than exercise. With Iron Blaze SC, you are going well beyond the typical life preparations that most do when they exercise. You are preparing for adventures. You are training to not live a boring life.

This article is about microadventures. I spoke the other day about "DOING MORE" and some of that is really about living life to the fullest, getting out of monotonous routines and creating useful and accomplishing routines. This is a great article following that concept. At the end of this year? What will you set out and DO that you will remember and be glad you did?

You can all probably think back to some spur of the moment trip you went on that wasn't long or expensive. It is probably one of your favorite adventures ever. I certainly remember a particular trip we woke up early Saturday morning with NOTHING on the agenda. I looked at my wife and said "wanna go to the beach?"


"Right now."

She started packing, I booked room. We were out the door in an hour. Trip was awesome.

With the training regiment you now have, what adventure will you be able to jump into?

Lower Pavilion = morning

Upper Pavilion= evening

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