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The end of an incredible chapter

A year ago while we were in the midst of utter pandemic chaos, I began this adventure known as Iron Blaze Strength & Conditioning. It has been an incredible year with so much success in so many important ways. The time has arrived for it to come to an end. It was a lot of fun in many ways, mostly seeing the changes occur in so many people. I knew this idea of a mobile gym out in the parks was an idea that was going to be a tough sell because it didn't fit in a "box" that people knew and were comfortable with. I knew that fear would be a challenge to overcome.

I also knew it was the right answer. I watched many of you improve drastically in your running, your speed, your endurance. Real running. Not treadmills but the real world. I watched many of you get stronger than you ever thought possible, constantly breaking barriers that you had no idea you could break. I watched many of you fall in love with God's medicine and become addicted. Many of you began to not just understand but feel the power of the forest. I watched many of you learn new skills and find new ways to enjoy the outdoors. Many of you began to see the greatness in playing, in being in challenging conditions of hot, cold, rainy, windy, all of it. I watched many of you become resilient and mentally tougher/stronger, things that are rarities in our society today. Most importantly though... I watched some of you improve your relationship with God. This is where true happiness lies. Searching anywhere else will be a fruitless adventure. He loves you more than you can ever know. We are Barabbas. He still loves us.

I look forward to still being a part of your health. I truly believe I can do more from a health perspective than just help people fit in their jeans better. I believe I can help people defeat chronic diseases. I believe that chronic diseases are preventable, the body can keep them away which is why I am moving forward through the Integrative Health Practitioner program. It is not a weight loss gig, a better workout gig. it is bigger than that. It will take me months and cost me thousands but I believe it is the answer. I will also be doing some personal training all over town. Many of you have already discussed with me how I can help by writing programs, training you in other locations and more. I hope to continue to be a part of your life because many of you have become true blessings in mine.

Moving forward, you will see me advertise as Elah Health & Fitness. Elah (pronounced Ay-Lah) is the place where overcoming the insurmountable happens. It is a place where using intelligence, courage and trust can do unimaginable things. Elah is where David killed Goliath.

Today, we will conclude our adventure at the lower pavilion. I look forward to seeing you there for the last page of this chapter.

See ya in the woods.

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