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Alaska 1 more time

So much going on this weekend!

  1. I found a cow! There is a farm in South Lee County called that does full grass fed beef. I am going to purchase a cow from them. If anyone wants to take part in this cow, let me know. I will be happy to split it.

  2. I am interested in becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner so I had a bunch of labs done to experience it from the consumer side. Basically its a high level health coach that can order labs and go over them. I had 5 labs done.

Omega Panel- I could improve upon my Omegas. My ratio is not quite ideal. I need to bump my Omega 3s and drop my 6s a bit. I have done one of these before, everyone should do this one occasionally. You need Omega 3s and 6s, but you also need a correct balance. Too much 6 will keep you in a high inflammatory state all the time. That is bad.

Food sensitivity test- Food sensitivities are food that cause a reaction that vary in consequence and are often a long term effect/reaction. They are not quite "allergies", a step below. This one will be tough for me because to really clean out my sensitive foods, I need to drop about 2000 calories a day of my routine. I can't just take those out, I have to replace them with something else. There were a couple in there I knew, a few nuts, eggs, and others I did not. This test also measured yeast and candida build up. Very important stuff.

Mineral and heavy metal analysis- This one surprised me quite a bit. My minerals were low, really low for a lot of them. Things like copper matter. If you see me chewing on a penny, now you know why. My heavy metals weren't too bad, aluminum was high so I will have to do some things to get that out of the system. I will go on a protocol and retest this one in 6 months.

Organic Acids Test- This one tested vitamin byproducts, and also tested how efficient my good ol Kreb's cycle was. Remember that copper I mentioned earlier? My dopamine is not converting correctly to epinephrine. Copper and Vitamin C are both part of that equation. I was low in both. This test measured a TON of things. It brought me back to college Biochem days.

Hormone test- This one tested hormones and Vitamin D. My Vitamin D levels were very good!

The Health Coach then gives me a protocol recommendation to follow after breaking all these labs down with me. It was really great and something everyone should do. These labs look for underlying health issues that cause disease. You can rely on pharmaceuticals to put band aids on the leaky boat until it sinks or you find where the holes on the boat actually are and patch it up correctly.

Today we will be in the Upper Pavilion. See ya there!

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