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Give you the RIGHT weapon.


Based on your test results, I will recommend a variety of supplements that I feel your body needs. Instead of taking whatever the general public recommends, take what you are lacking for only as long as you need it. Our soil is depleted, our world is full of man made toxins and chemicals, quite often our body needs a little help.


All the aspects of your health are key to change. Diet. Exercise. Stress management. Recovery/rest. Toxin Removals. Spiritual health. Emotional health. They all matter. Together, I will help you take a step by step approach to finding new levels of health you didn't know were possible. We will meet regularly to guide you through life's challenges to consistently build a healthier life. Once I have guided you through the tests, we will begin to reshape your daily habits and routines to create a healthier life. We will begin the first meeting with an intake/assessment day. I will ask a lot of questions. You will talk a lot about yourself. We will then move forward with testing procedures. Once we have sent the tests to the labs, we will begin to work on your daily lifestyle habits. In the first month we will meet 2 times per week. We will taper that down to once per week and then once every other week. These 24 sessions will take around 6 months to complete.


I do not diagnose, treat or cure diseases.

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