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West Virginia

Today, all day, will be at the lower pavilion. It is going to be a gorgeous sunny day. Wear your layers and prepare to do some pressing.

In case I wasn't crunchy enough for you, I am reading a book that is educating me more deeply on our daily toxin load. It is common in today's society for people to have 212 or more cancer causing toxins floating around or stored in the tissues of your body. Personal products, pesticides, foods, water, pollution in air, and more. The truth is that we have a filtration system to deal with it to an extent.

Basically understand your liver is your main filtration system. All the blood in your body passes through the liver every 6 minutes or so. Some toxins it can figure out how to flush out. Some it can't and it just shoves them in the corner (typically in fat) like a kid who is cleaning his room and can't figure out where to put something. The problem is that our filtration system is overrun and doesn't filter nearly at the rate that toxins are coming in. Makeup, hair care products, air fresheners, you name it! are all common toxins being absorbed. After a while, we start to have more and more health issues as these toxins build up in our body. Basically all man made things that someone made money on and are completely unnatural. If you smell apple cinnamon and there is no apples or cinnamon nearby, you are breathing in poison.

Here is a list of toxic ingredients in just your soap

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Fermaldehyde (you should know this)







As you bathe today, see if any of those are in your shampoos, soaps, or conditioners. If so, throw them out.

See ya in the woods.

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