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Website is working again!

Not gonna lie, this morning my Wix page was slow to load. I got a little nervous. Two straight days with no blog post would be no bueno. Today is Louisiana round 3. We haven't done this one in the lower pavilion aka Hickory Haven. (Mockernut Hickory to be exact)

We will focus on vertical pressing movement patterns.

I am contemplating a Thanksgiving day workout. Currently the schedule has been created with that being an off day so I would need to do some readjustments. It would be in the morning only, probably 8:30 and 10. I might make it more of an adventure day, not sure. I have been irritated in the past by holidays as many people say "Oh yeah! I am definitely interested!" Then it comes time and last second cancels come rolling in. Reply on the blog if you would participate in a Thanksgiving morning session. I will be gone that Friday, the day after.

See ya in the woods!

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