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W3 and night running

It is starting to get darker quickly. I have purchased a few running lamps to try different styles and models. Here are my findings.

A head lamp is best. When you turn your head, you probably want to be able to see where you turned your head. A chest or waist light doesn't help with this.

Weight matters. A light and comfortable lamp is important.

More than one light helps with shadows. Adding a waist or chest light helps. This also helps when you turn your head, your peripheral vision has more light.

Black Diamond brand is recommended by many. I went on Amazon and bought a few

This is the head lamp I have purchased that I like the most so far.

This is the chest lamp I bought. I like it but having to turn your body when you want to see to the side doesn't work. They are cheap, I think I bought it for $21.

This is a waist clip on lamp I bought, it provides 180 lumens in a nice little peripheral around your feet. It is very small, has a magnetic clip on to the waist of your shorts.

I will keep a few in my car at all times in case you ever forget yours but they may be the heavier, clunkier ones. They will work in emergency and provide a TON of light.

I would use a combo of head lamp with one of the other two.

Today we will do W3. This is a pull up focus. Let's go to the Upper Pavilion.

See ya in the woods.

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