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Vitamin D

Today we have R4 (out of order if you are keeping track but there is a method to the madness). 4th installment of R means our weights will stay the same unless this is your first day of horizontal focus. We have last done this workout on...

Aug 10

August 18

August 26

We bench pressed last Thursday (play day with a game of kickball and some Fox and Hounds) and will make sure we use those numbers the next time we bench press or if this is your first R experience, that will set the bar for what weights we should be using.

This study basically shows that exercise outdoors helps with Vitamin D deficiencies which tend to be more prevalent in obese populations.

It actually makes me wonder, what came first the chicken or the egg? Are the subjects more obese due to less outside time? Obviously if you don't go outside your Vitamin D levels will be low. Seems to be a pretty simple theme.

Vitamin D is crucial to our species. It is probably the most crucial vitamin for the immune system, very important in brain function and basically a key part of hormone regulation. As Madwin would say "It is super duper wuper important." Ideally it is absorbed through the skin from the sun. We make it ourselves.

The following video is a fantastic video that personally I think is the cure to racism. If we looked at skin color from a strictly scientific and evolutionary process, we would see people not as more or less but basically nothing more than "what latitude did your great grandparents come from?". One day.

I hope you get a chance to watch this video, I think it is very well done and thought provoking not just from a scientific/health standpoint but once again "what if our mind's eye saw people in nothing more than THIS light?"

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