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Upper Pavilion today for W- round 2.

I saw this the other day and a quick google search found many humorous varieties. We are well clear of "Hell's Front Porch" and I think we went through our False Fall. We are somewhere between second summer (had that feeling Sunday) and actual Fall. No matter which of the 12 seasons we are in, many of you have learned to take it in stride. Do the best you can and focus on what you can control. The weather doesn't control you, you adapt. Your mindset is everything. You prepare for it with either extra water and a towel or a few layers of clothing. You will never be able to change the weather and remember that every hot, cold and in between day are all part of a necessary cycle. You are special because you can handle them all with no problems. Yes, some climates are not as "comfortable" as others but none of you are so weak minded that 1 hour in any climate is impossible. You deserve to be commended for that.

Today we will stay in the Upper Pavilion where vertical pulling/Pullups will be our focus. See ya in the forest.

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