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Upper Pavilion today!

Today we will be in the upper pavilion to work on a few things. We have a couple objectives to meet today.

  1. Improve our Front Squats

The Average Front Squat Symmetric strength score was 35.2. This is the lowest of the recorded major lifts. Today's goal is to improve that average. By comparison- the strict overhead press average score is 55.4.

2. Improve our athleticism

Part of this training program that is a new concept to many of you is focusing on human movement principles. We did this with the balance focus, running technique workout and do it consistently in our exercises and movement preps/warmups. Can a human move and control their own body? This should be a constant goal. Fitness isn't always about things like "did I sweat a lot?" or "Did I get really sore?" or "Did I burn a lot of calories?" but training needs to include and does in this program- "Did I get better at controlling and moving my own body?"

Be ready to get better

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