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Upper Pavilion adventure today

Today will involve very little running. Today we will focus on two main things.

1. We will focus on the Pendlay Row. This is the barbell row where we go into a hip hinge, hold, and row off the ground. We are going to look for predicted 1 rep max weight with good form. This is an easy one to cheat. No cheating.

2. We are going to incorporate some skills. Balance. What is balance? The ability to control your body basically. Do you have the neurological capabilities to adjust where your body is in it's surroundings with precision?

This is Jackie, a former client at my gym in Georgia. She was mid 70s in age and this was part of her WARM UP. I couldn't find the videos of her doing WEIGHTED walking lunges but it was a regular thing. If you are saying to yourself "that looks easy!" Good. It should be. I will make it more challenging. If you are thinking "that is ridiculously hard looking, I CAN'T do that!", fix your damn brain and stop being so damn negative. Don't be an energy vampire. No one wants to be around energy vampires. (energy vampire= a person who walks into an area and sucks the life out of it with their negative aura and words. Typically complains A LOT about trivial daily life and anything else they can think of. Happy people usually scatter like roaches when they arrive.)

See ya in the upper side.

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