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The game plan for tomorrow was the 4th and final installment of training session "O". However, I will need to cancel the 8:30 and 10 am tomorrow. Felix has popped a strong 102.5-103 fever today even though right now he is down a lot without meds and acting perfectly fine. He has also been sporting congestion, thus a cough. Chances are my lil buddy has a typical "first few weeks back to daycare" bug and is fine. But these, days I have to go get him checked out because well...ya know. I will probably actually go to the park tomorrow with him once I get his Dr appt scheduled because that's where he likes to be when feeling healthy or sick. Outside and moving around. It is almost as if it is programmed within us to get outside when the weather isn't severe and we have a bug.

5:30 is still on. If he somehow pops positive for the Rona, that will change.

What was "O"?

O has a vertical press focus

strict press


landmine 1/2 kneeling shouldering

bulgarian split squat- goblet

trx pike to a pushup

and everyone's moms.

So let's say you cannot do 5:30, what should you do?

Go to the park as you were planning.

Find a large object like a log or rock. Pick it up and push it over (in a strict manner) your head till it feels hard. Then do 2 more.

Run to the pullup bar. Do some eccentric pullups or regular. Climb up the thing and go do it. Find you a smaller log or rock and do some shouldering with it from a 1/2 kneeling position. Do it till it gets hard. Then do 2 more.

Put your foot up on bench, hold your rock/heavy object in front of your chest and do 5-9 bulgarian split squats each side.

Go to the parallel dip bars. Go to a pushup position on top. Do a pushup. Now take one knee in to chest (balance) and repeat with other knee. Do 5-9 of these.

Get in a side plank- lift top leg 10x each side. Do it slowly since there is no added resistance.

Now go run somewhere new.

Do that 3 times.

You will have just done a kick ass training session with a little more movnat in it than normal.

For those that are having trouble visualizing all this, Erwan can give you some examples in the above videos. Who knows, I may see you there with my lil guy. If I do, I expect to see you with a heavy object. People will think you are...well who knows but really WHO GIVES A BLEEP!?! If all that stuff above has you saying "no, I can't. Someone will think I am..." than you need a damn shrink in the worst way. There is 1 judge and it isn't some schmuck livin round here. About age 18, you should have stop caring what people thought when they looked at you. If you didn't stop this obsessive behavior, you might want to think about what you would tell your kids. Most of you are probably half way decent parents and would tell your kids they shouldn't care what everyone thinks. Take your advice.

Go out, have fun. Try to do what I prescribed not whatever is normal for you. I look forward to hearing about your adventure and will probably see some of you at 5:30 pm.

Text me a South American country once you have read this. 7064742511

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