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Tuesday game plan

Today is the 3rd edition of P. P3. I know yesterday was O4 but yes, this is how it works out. Today we will focus on the Hinge. The deadlift will be the crown jewel. We haven't deadlifted since Aug 14th but let me remind you of something very important.


Let me explain what my prep what my personal prep would look like. Understand a few things. I am 37 years old and move very well. I have been working on the craft for 16 years, I should. I also know what can happen if I don't move well. I have a solid list of sports injuries. (there are a lot of foreign objects in my body holding it together) I would like to not add anything to that list, particularly from training. Training prevents the injuries, not causes them. I am a very good deadlifter. I don't need form cues. With that being said, I will also have a pretty lengthy movement prep process. I don't roll out of bed and start picking up heavy things. Bad things will happen.

The first part of a "warmup" that is important is raising the body temperature, getting blood and oxygen flowing throughout the body. This can be done pretty quickly, 3-5 minutes. Pretty much anything can get the job done if you put some intensity into it.

The next thing for me is the foam roll. This is a tool that helps me listen to my body a little better. As I roll over spots, it gives me feedback. If I roll over my IT band and it screams at me, chances are my patella will not track perfectly. With me knee injury history, that is BAD thing. I go through different parts of my body and take mental notes, what feels "sticky" and what doesn't. I will then do some more movements to get that area/movement firing correctly. I will then go back to the foam roll, did it improve? Feels pliable? Good. Next thing on the checklist. I go through this process for a good 10-15 minutes.

Then I pick up the bar. I start with 135 on the deadlift. Pick it up 3-8 times. I ask myself what felt right and what felt wrong. If something didn't feel perfect, back to the roll, lax ball and movement library in my head. Then I put on 225, do about 3-5 reps. Get the pattern feeling great. Then probably 275, do a few reps. Weight feeling good? Continue. Not feeling good? Fix it. Then move to 315. Do a few reps. How does the weight feel? Am I ready or does something feel like it isn't firing correctly? Good?

Now I am ready to deadlift!

That whole process was probably about 20 minutes long. I have also probably been moving around for hours moving weights around and demonstrating but we won't count the many hours of slight warm up.

Quite often Your process-

  1. Sit in car. Get body in tightened position ready to do nothing.

  2. Look at bar.

  3. Give 70% effort in 5 min warmup.

  4. Kinda listen to cues of how to do it correctly.

  5. Go straight into challenging weight straight out of the gate.

See the difference? What can you do to have your body ready to perform at a higher rate? It isn't just about getting warm, that is important but also preparing to move well.

See ya in a bit.

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