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Training session game plan

Today we will be in the upper pavilion. Drive all the way through the park to the top. It has a flatter surface that will be better for working on our deadlifts. Today's weather looks kinda naughty. I expect thunderstorms. Lightning is not a joke. If at any point you do not feel safe and want to leave, I completely understand. Last week we had to abort a training session due to lightning, it was not on occasional POP but constant. The odds of getting struck are typically very low, that night they didn't feel so low. I will try to make adjustments to make you feel safer if you don't want to ever jog or hold metal objects.

Deadlifts. One of my favorite movements. The ability to pick something up. We are going to work on our technique but not in a fast pace and continue to build up to find a predicted 1 rep max. This may mean you pick something up 2-3 times but we will be looking for a max but correct effort. If it is sloppy, I will yell at you to drop it. You have all exercised, few of you have trained. Don't let your feelings get hurt when I tell you that you are a novice or untrained dead lifter. There is a difference in a structured intelligent strength training program vs random exercise circuit that includes a 15 lb dumbbell deadlift. I use to categorize and chart progress. Let's say you are a 45 year old female that is 115 lbs. You deadlift 115 lbs (your bodyweight) 3 times correctly. Your predicted 1 rep max is around 125 lbs. This puts you on the cusp of being considered a NOVICE deadlifter. Your deadlift score would be 44.7. Many of you are thinking "That's crazy!, who can pick up their bodyweight other than dudes named Sven Ffsadfwejifwejf !!?" The truth is that anyone who actually trains can. That same 115 lb 45 yr old female is considered "intermediate" when she can deadlift 170 lbs. She is considered "proficient" when she picks up 210 lbs. Welcome to the world of strength training. With that being said, it typically takes a few months for someone to be considered novice, a year to become "intermediate" and a couple years to be considered "proficient".

Once we have finished our deadlift training, what we do after that will depend on time left and weather. I have a few options in my head, none of which are sane. See you at the Upper Pavilion.

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