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Today we tackle "T"

Yesterday we did a nice job of improving our squats. Some of you needed different foot position, some of you needed different hand positions, all types of tweaks. This was the point, to give you some more personalized coaching and fine tune the exercise. The ceiling has been raised significantly. We also had a an opportunity to try quite a few "carry" varieties. A good learning day.

Today is "T". Knowing I will probably go ahead and set up inside the pavilion due to rain, I think it is best to go ahead and be in the upper pavilion today. It is much larger and while there is often much more traffic there, probably best today. The focus will be on horizontal pulling. The objective will be to take every exercise to an appropriate intensity, an intensity that is enough to do something to your body. We will learn the "Barbell Good morning" today, a useful exercise for the posterior chain.

Upper pavilion. See ya there.

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