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Today is the beginning of a new cycle

Today we will meet in the UPPER pavilion at the park. We will kick off the new cycle by working on the group's weakest movement, the back squat. Our symmetric strength scores show that our two weakest movements are #1 the back squats and #2 the front squats. Hmmm...Sounds like we need to work on squatting. Today we will do just that.

We will also work on an exercise I dare you to google. "weighted carries" or "loaded carries" This is also an exercise that as we in the strength and conditioning world have more and better access to research and science, has shown to have a ton of benefit. The simplest and oldest exercise known to man. The first "functional" exercise. This is an exercise that is rarely done enough. It isn't sexy. It is pick up heavy things and walk. There are varieties of ways to pick up these heavy things and they all have their benefits. Some are more challenging than others. Why do this? Well, it creates incredible core strength and helps improve posture and weak links.

We will also be keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Sally. I see a lot of pavilion in our future this week but as long as she doesn't bring tons of lightning, should be fine. I will let you know.

See ya in the Upper.

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