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Today is a new month.

April 1st has arrived. What does that mean for me? Not that I get to pull any pranks, I don't have any up my sleeve this year. Sidenote- a couple of years ago at OTF I changed a bunch of the treadmills to metric and watched people FREAK out. They would hit their walking speed of 3.5 and it would come up at 5 something (still was 3.5 mph but they thought the treadmill would speed up). Watching them frantically freak out hitting buttons particularly if they went into a jog and the treadmill tossed another number up there was glorious.

April 1st is month 10 for me of my 60 month challenge. (Should be 9 for you playing along at home)

Every month for 60 months, add one thing. After 5 years you will have an awesome fitness regiment built into your daily life. I made a tweak to mine. I needed more dedication to self care and a few corrective exercises. Tweak is probably too soft a word. I overhauled my daily routine a lot. The results? I feel great.

What does it look like right now?

20 banded no moneys- I was starting to get some chronic internal rotation in my left patched up shoulder (probably from driving so much more)

Foam Roll calves 1 minute each

20 no moneys

Foam roll IT bands 1 minute each

20 no moneys

Foam Roll Adductors 1 minute each

Today I will add...

Band Pull apart series. Another scapular control exercise that would be a great thing to do every day.

Every day I have 10 minutes of stuff to make me feel better and move better. This wasn't the original plan but I currently think it might be the best plan for me.

If you get lazy on doing the little things, you will soon find yourself struggling to do the big things.

Today the big things in Maine #4 are chin ups and pull downs

Today's goal is to compete with yourself. Do the same amount of work on weights and more distance on trails in same amount of time.

March 5

March 15

March 24

See ya at the Upper Pavilion.

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