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This is not how I expected the year to start

I am keeping a close eye on the weather. That 8 am First Day Hike is probably a big fat no go. I am calling an audible today due to expected thunderstorms. (Tornadoes don't seem to be the convo anymore so that's good) It is an adventure day today, has been planned that way for weeks. I actually want you to bring a notebook and or laptop. Where? Not sure. I want to force you to sit down and work on some 2021 goals. I do believe 1 hour of GOOD Quality planning will do more than 1 hour of exercise. Lightning is the 1 thing I don't want to fool with. We cut it way too close back in the summer and I feel like I used my "ok idiot, that was your last get out of ER card" on that day. I am still contemplating a location that will be safe from severe weather but since today is a "holiday", I don't know if anything public is open.

If you would like to sit down with me with your computer and work on 2021 goals and implementation of these goals, please shoot me a text. I think this can be done in a group, I just want a good location.

If you are interested in this at 10 am or 5:30 pm, shoot me a text. If you are not and are signed up, shoot me a text.

Sometimes breaking the routine and devoting time to stop and think is the best thing we can do for ourselves. COVID forced me to do that in March and I am eternally grateful. We get stuck in a hamster wheel of our daily lives and forget to devote time to sit and plan. Today's adventure is THAT. I want to sit down with all of you and strategize 2021. If this interests you, please let me know while I determine the best location to make this happen.

Shoot me location ideas if ya have got em.

See ya...Somewhere.

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