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Third installment of O

Today in our third installment of O, we focus on vertical pressing. We did this one last Thursday, Aug 13th. We also did it on Aug 5th. Today's game plan is this...

Come in and get weights set up that will be needed. Make documentation

Get potty break out of the way. Pretty much all the restrooms seem to be broken at park, use the campground restrooms on the left as you come in.

Grab foam roll and prep the lats and t spine.

Do a few light reps as pre warm-up.

Don't forget to turn phone notifications off for an hour and turn the things on silent.

If this is your first O, we will take each exercise up to a good level as we go. If this is not, we will focus solely on the 2 main vertical pressing movements and maintain the others.

Happy Friday, see ya in a bit.

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