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The why

Let's talk about the "why" of what we are doing today. Today is W4. This means that you will be doing training session W for potentially the 4th time. The focus is on the pullup. Why the pullup? The ability to control your own body is a great part of true strength. The human body is capable of great things and it all starts with foundational movements. In the case of these women, the pullup. These are strong humans. These are incredible athletes. We may never desire to get to that level, I get that. We should desire to "do more" with the body we have.

This brings me to my next "Why". Training. I have mentioned a few times that you are now "training". Training for what? The zombie apocalypse? No. I don't think so but anything is possible this year. This just means that we are taking calculated progressions to make constant achievements in our fitness routine. This is the real definition of "training". Everyone of you can look back and show certified progress. Improvement is guaranteed.

Today's progress goal is distance based for most. Improving work capacity and levels of aerobic capacity is another part of this training. What weeks ago included light weight and slower runs now includes heavier weights and faster runs in the same amount of time.

We have done these sessions on

Sept 18th

Sept 29th

Oct 7th

What distances did you get on those days? Today's goal is to beat that. Now you have a specific goal and a target. Now you are training. You have a target, now your mind (the most powerful thing on the planet) is in the game. You can't be stopped.

The last "why" of today is about outside. I have given you the science of outside, I am sure I will accidentally or potentially purposefully repeat some scientific articles about the benefits of outdoor training but for me it clear. For me, the woods are like a church. It is a place I can go and feel God and all his glory and gifts just by being there. It is a place that helps me spiritually. It is my medicine. It isn't just a bunch of trees and critters, it is a place of restoration and health.

Yesterday, my writing didn't come through apparently and I had to toss one together again at the last second. Hopefully that won't happen again. Today seems like a good day to take it back to the lower pavilion.

See ya in the woods.

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