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The weekly agenda

The following is the workout along with an exercise that might help you ring a bell.

Monday- Wisconsin 3 1 arm Landmine Row

Tuesday- California 3 Incline bench press

Wednesday- Illinois 3 Deadlift

Thursday- ?

Friday- Nebraska 4 Single Arm Cable Punch

Today will be lower pavilion in the morning and upper in the evening.

We made it through 2020. I posed a question Friday that I invite you all to think about. What will you DO MORE of in 2021 that will make the year feel successful? Will you spend more time with your loved ones? Will you give more? Will you run more? Give more? Will you cook more meals? What things/behaviors/etc do you want MORE of in your life. 2020 definitely created some obstacles and challenges and the way I see it, if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere. It's like the ol Sinatra "New York" song. 2021 probably won't suddenly be cruise control just because the date changed but what are you going to put MORE of in your life? I am still working on my 2021 Do More. In 2020, I had some things that were missing from my life that I wanted to bring back or start. There were many successes and a few not so successful things.

Come ready to get stronger, faster, happier, more resilient. Come ready to change yourself.

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