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The tree keeps growing

Yesterday, I did 140 reps that were not my main workout. The same as the day before and the day before that. How many did you do? If you answered "zero", maybe it your mindset. If you answered "120!", awesome! Do you feel an accomplishment every day? If you answered 120, this means you started this when I first brought it up.

For those who aren't following-

The 60 month/5 year fitness plan to be almost as cool as Herschel Walker. Start with 1 set of something that isn't super taxing (you don't need a warm up for, doesn't need special equipment, no special clothing needed, no more than a minute) and do 1 set. Do it every day. 1 set. Whenever you want. Commit to that 1 set. Each month, add 1 set of either that or something else.

After 60 months, that will be 60 sets of exercises every day. I'm going to bet there are a few of you still at ZERO. Probably tried something too hard or you felt it was too easy and had no value. You didn't see the benefit of being consistent with something small. I have used this visual analogy before and will use it again and again.

After 7 months, am I in vastly better "shape"? Not really. Am I a ton stronger and leaner? Not really. Do I feel a sense of accomplishment every day? You betcha. Will I probably have a real sense of accomplishment in about 4 and a half years? I think so. I don't know if this experiment is going to play out well or not. It's currently nothing more than a theory/idea based on a few hunches. If you are playing along, awesome. I look forward to hearing about your wins. If you are waiting another 4.5 years to see how it plays out, I understand. At that point, I will probably be up in that cloud while you are on the ground still. (referencing photo)

The last Nebraska is today. Pushing things. Going to keep it in the Upper.

Dec 14

Dec 22

Dec 31

are your Strava check days. Run further than your best of those days. If you made it 1.64 miles, 1.72, 1.54 then you need to go 1.73+ today.

See ya in the woods.

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Stephen Partridge
Stephen Partridge
Jan 08, 2021

Heck yea, 30 situps!!

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