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The one you need vs the one you want

Which exercise and or training session in the past week was the most important to you?

The question you need to ponder on for a second.

It was the one you needed, not the one you wanted. I can tell you which one was mine without a doubt. Saturday's. It was the least exhaustive, probably "burned the fewest calories" but was by far the most beneficial. It was a lot of extremely focused, extremely dedicated hip stability work. I never broke a sweat, I never felt a "pump", I never hit a PR, I didn't reach a distance milestone, nothing. There wasn't even a close second. My lower body has been somewhat of a mess recently, hamstring to knee to pelvis. All connected. I needed to dedicate time to the "little things" to really make progress.

The little things matter.

They allow you to accel at the big things. They aren't really little, they just aren't what you often perceive as important because they don't fit YOUR typical standard of "exercise". They don't make always make you sweaty or sore or raise your heart rate or any of what many people feel as necessary to count as good exercise.

Sometimes the best training session you had was the one that was the hardest for you. Maybe it involved movements and things that are not easy for you. Maybe it was on that day that was just hard for you to show up...but ya did it. Truth is, if there is something you can't do, you need to dedicate time to the little things so that you can. Or maybe just focus on the small details when they come up. (dynamic warm up focus, breathing focus, quality of movement focus, etc)

The little things are really about finding your weaknesses and limitations and working on them with fervent focus vs going through the motion. Connecticut #2 at the Lower Pavilion today. I probably won't be heading to the Upper for a while (maybe Tue night) due to the amount of nails I found from the roofing construction. I found around 20 near my tires and I kinda feel like I need to walk away from the table cause I have used all my luck. I'm not trying to have a flat tire if I can help it. I'm sure there are plenty near the lower pavilion too but I don't think they will be near my tires as much.

See ya in the woods

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