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Tennessee volume 3

Today will be the 3rd installment of Tennessee, where we will focus on squatting. You may have noticed that almost every day we are spending some time working on hip mobility/squat mobility. The truth is that these things are REALLY important and I have zero faith that most people work on them on a daily basis. From an orthopedic standpoint, mobility and stability are one in the same. The body will take on the shape of whatever position you constantly put it in. Sit for 8 hours a day, the body will move into that position. Do all your exercise in a short range of motion (jogging, cycling, and more) than your body becomes limited on what range of motion it can function in. Sometimes it is as simple as getting in a full squat and spending time there every day. We have to spend sometime undoing our physical "bad habits". These "bad habits" are part of life and almost unavoidable. We just have to make sure that we remain capable and not limited. I would love to head back to the lower pavilion, haven't been there in forever but today's workout involves a ton of suspended stuff. The Upper is easier for that without a doubt.

See ya up on the hill.

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