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South Dakota #4

Jan 19th

Jan 27th

Feb 12th

Those are the 3 times you have done South Dakota. SD is a pull focused day that will be at the Upper Pavilion today as I expect the morning to be rainy. The trailer may be parked a bit away from the pavilion so come grab early and grab your weights to get your mind and body ready.

Product plug time.

This is my current favorite box of tea. It has 5 different teas in it. Starts off with a nice green matcha tea to get a jump start on the day. Then a caffeine free turmeric ginger tea is a nice day time tea. Revitalize has green tea in it so not made for night time but a mid day pick me up. After that is an after dinner tea which includes quite a few digestive aid herbs and then a night time tea which has valerian root, a natural sleep aid.

Mark your calendars for April 24. This looks like the best 4 hour race to dip our toes into for those that are interested which is quite a few of you. After that, there is one in late June we can dip our toes into.

See ya in the woods!

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