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Second installment of "M" and shoe wisdom

Today we will be running the second installment of training session "M" which features the back squat. If this is your first run with "M", we will learn the movements and build them through the day to appropriate levels. If this is your second time, you will focus heavily on driving up the back squat and the sand bag lunge movements.

What you need to do-

Get there early and check your weights. Go to the books and see what you have done previously. Make sure that the weight you need is on hand and at location. From there you can go ahead and write in your first weight on today's page. Once you have done this for 6 exercises, I would then go to the squat rack and do a few reps (5-10) with the bar. I would then ask myself "what felt limited and/or tight?" I would then foam roll a few areas that meet this description. I would then squat again with some warm up weight.

Everything I just described should be your pretraining routine EVERY DAY. At least part of it. What else would it include? Probably some running technique drills. (you know the ones I show you sometimes in warm ups that you do about 3 seconds and stand there with a "I don't need this" look on your face? Those.)

Shoe wisdom.

I have talked to you about shoes multiple times. There are a few shoe factors to look at when choosing shoes. First off, you need a wide toe box.

Feet are shaped unfortunately by your shoes. Stop trying to be this lady.

The next thing you want to know is your current shoe stats.

What are the drop height and stack height? Drop height is how much higher the back is compared to the front. You may have heard the term "zero drop." That means the back is not elevated anymore than the front. This is a great long term goal. Not necessarily short term. The stack height is the amount of distance from your foot to the actual ground. This can be anywhere from 4mm to 30+mm. Once you have these two numbers, you can then search for your next shoe. is a great tool for this. Save the link.

If your shoe is a 12 mm drop and a 27mm stack height- great. The goal is to get as close to 0 and 4 as possible but OVER TIME. I would look for a drop of 9-10 and stack of 22-25. for my next shoe if these were my stats. The reasoning is way longer explanation than I have right now as I have to get my kids up and ready to go. Tell ya later if want to know.

See ya at the squat rack.

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