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Rocky 4 or Colorado 4?

The word of the day is LAYERS. It will be cold at the top of Mount Chewacla. 608 ft high at it's peak. (Highest point in Lee County is Salem Lookout which is 950 ft above sea level in case you were curious)

Fittingly we will be celebrating Colorado today. No skiing....on purpose today however.

Oct 26

Nov 3

Nov 19

were the last 3 days you did this workout. How far did you go on those days? Today, we want to go further.

  1. Get there early enough to go through the exercise log books and check your weight selections. Write down the best you built up to. Go in the trailer and grab what you need. Do this for all 6 movements.

  2. If you were good about getting there early enough to do this, and it is not time to start then go for a run to the end of the parking lot and back.

  3. If it is still not time to start, do some of the foam rolling I taught you that you think you don't need.

  4. Once you have done this and it is still not time to start, begin some dynamic warm up movements. Squat movements, world's greatest stretch (the one where you have a hand on the ground and reach back)

Do all these things with a sense of purpose and urgency. This will get you warm and PREPARED.

This should be your routine EVERY day. Speaking of routine, it is December. Time to add something new. I am up to 120 reps a day. Some of you are going to have 100 reps today. Some of you will probably do zero. Why will you do zero? Mentality. You don't fully grasp the importance of doing little things that add up. I will write more about this later this week if you have no idea what I am talking about.

See ya on Mt. Chewacla.

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