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Recap of "adventure day" and more

2 days ago we worked on a few things.

  1. Bench press. We tested out the bench to find predicted 1 rep maxes and I put the scores into Everyone improved. The average score went from around 48 to 53. So what does that mean exactly for you? It is good to occasionally get an idea of what your capable of lifting so that we can program your actual workout weight correctly. If you can lift 100 lbs, doing anything less than 70 lbs will have very little improvement on strength. It can improve other things, but not much effect on strength. This helps us set our minimum weights when we are training. This is a large difference in exercise vs training. Tony reached "intermediate" status on his bench press. This is a great milestone. With this data, I also know that when Tony does 135 lbs for 5 reps, he will have bumped his score even more.

2. I had an opportunity to teach you the basics of a game/sport/hobby of disc golf. A few of you asked if we could schedule a disc golf outing and absolutely we can. Sportsplex "Tumbletree" is the best around currently but a few more courses are planned to be created in next couple of years. All you would need to bring is....nothing really.

I also snuck in some "warm up" on the ropes. If you are looking for a good staple to the garage gym, gotta get one. 1.5 inches and 40-50 ft long should get the job done. These are a great thing to add to the repertoire of fitness. Low impact and a lot of bang for the buck in more ways than one.

Today I want to set up T3 at the lower pavilion. I haven't set this one up there yet so if I look like my head is smoking at 8:15 am, I'm visualizing logistics. This one is a horizontal pulling focus.

One last thing. October happened so for those who have been keeping up, it is time to add another set of something to your daily routine. Water your tree. I didn't miss a single day in September, did you? Will go more into this next week.

KK-5:48. Boom!

See ya in the woods!

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