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Recap and Illinois

Yesterday was fun. We will do it again NEXT Friday. I would like to do a charity event and bring everyone you know. Please answer the following question down below. Do you think people would prefer doing something like Toys for Tots (where you actually have to bring a toy) or venmo/cash/check to a charity? What do you think would create the largest draw and create the largest charity response. I think a charity that focuses on families, children, probably Christmas would be the most successful. I now only have about 7-8 days to put this together so expectations are not super high. Tell all your friends we will do a 1 hour (maybe bump it to 75 minutes) Scavenger Hunt for charity. It can be small teams or individuals. How cool would it be to have 50 people running around Chewacla looking for my books to help those in need? I think it would be pretty cool. Running doesn't have to be involved, hiking is optional and sometimes recommended. If you have friends interested, I will (hopefully) create a special event on the website they can sign up for it. This gives me a headcount and an idea of how many waivers to print plus an idea of how to set it up.

Today is Illinois. It will focus on hinging aka Deadlifts. Let's go Upper pavilion today but I am missing the lower pavilion, haven't been there in a bit.

See ya in the woods.

Please comment below about what you think most successful charity idea would be. I have 1 week to put this together, all help would be appreciated.

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Today's location is...

1895 Palin Ave Opelika, AL 36801 Other side of town. No trail running today.

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I love the idea and I'm thinking


Katie Grimes
Katie Grimes
10 de dez. de 2020

Auburn Food Bank or Big House


Toys for Tots

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