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Ready for a few more natural killers?

Today will be the 3rd installment of training session R. The movement focus is horizontal pushing. We will focus quite a bit on the bench press today and progressing the volume.

Today's link is about forest bathing.

I gave you the link to an abstract but will give you an abstract to the abstract.

Basically they took a bunch of dudes from large companies in Tokyo and made them go spend time outdoors for 3 days and 2 nights. They had to walk around in the forest a couple hours during the day. Before they left to go walk around in the forest, they took blood samples. They took their blood half way and after the trip. What did they find?

Basically the immune response was insane. The immune system had a 50% higher NK (Natural Killer) cells. The parts of the immune system that fight off viruses and cancer got 50% stronger. Let that sink in.... The cops that stroll around your body looking for cancer and viruses beefed up the force by 50% by just hangin around in the woods for a couple days. This is a big reason why when people say "You need to open a gym!" I don't have a desire to. No gym indoors does this for your body. The woods are special. They are the pill we need.

See you today for a stronger body, mind and immune system.

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I am down for more NKs....

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