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Pullups in Pennsylvania

At the lower pavilion, our main exercise that we will max out will be Pullups. Keep your standards high. This is crucial. People have a tendency with exercises to drop their standards of quality. For instance. Let's say you are squatting with 65 lbs and your hips are breaking parallel like they should. Then you put 85 lbs on the bar and you are now stopping 3 inches shorter. Then you put 100 lbs on a bar and are stopping 2 inches shorter than that. Are you still doing the same thing? No. When it comes time to squat with full ROM with 100 lbs, you have never actually done it before and will REALLY struggle. The same idea goes for Pullups. You have to be able to judge your own range of motion and know/feel when you have actually done it correctly. Practicing with poor range of motion never helps you actually improve so what is the point? To say you did it? But you really didn't. Keep the standards on your movements very high all the time and you will always maximize your training.

See ya in the woods!

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