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Prepare for a beautiful day with rain

Today we will be in the upper pavilion again as rain is expected. We will be focusing on "T" which features horizontal pulling motions amongst other movements. It will start off cool this morning and potentially rainy, I would wear layers. Yesterday I forced you to look at the woods we go through with a different "lens", constantly on the prowl for climbable trees. Sometimes finding a way to change your lens/perspective is key to discovering great things. We often have to slow down and think. I have told many of you that I didn't "go outside" due to Covid sanitation stuff. I "went outside" because I felt it was the best thing for health of people. Covid allowed me to stop and think and change my lens. I have now been in this industry since 2004. I am constantly trying to learn and grow with the same goal in mind. What can I do to help people improve their health? My focus has changed many times on different aspects of health from biomechanics, athletic performance, nutrition, you name it. Never really CHANGING, just growing.

So what are YOU doing in your life to GROW somewhere? Can we find a different lens to look through to make that happen?

This week I will be testing out multiple headlamps. I will let you know what I come up with.

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