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Oklahoma IV

First off- Check Strava for the following dates

Nov 2

Nov 10

Nov 18

What distances did you run those days. Which was the furthest? Today's goal will be to beat that. We will maintain what you built up to with the loaded movements and accomplish more on the trails. The morning groups will be in the lower pavilion, the evening groups will be in the upper. Unless of course someone rented it. Horizontal pressing is the focus today, bench press. It will be chilly, wear layers. It might be a good idea to go get you some of those basic $1 knit gloves from the store. Come in, quickly get your weights set up and if you have time do a short easy run and then some dynamic warmups. You will need to be smart about how you start. Be very active and in a hurry to get set up. Spend your time warming up and getting your body prepared.

See ya in the woods.

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