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North Dakota #4!

We have done North Dakota 3 times.

Jan 18

Jan 26

Feb 3

You may remember that this is a Kettlebell/Sandbag day that is lower body focused. What weights did you use? Use the same weights your built up to (hopefully you wrote it down) and let's run further as the goal. Upper Pavilion today!

Remember the scavenger hunt we did as a fundraiser? Apparently those are officially called "Rogaines". After discovering the world of "adventure racing" , my little brain is in go mode. I want to put together a couple of teams to do a short one in June in Guntersville. If it goes well, a little longer one in September in Blairsville and if that goes well, a 24 hour booger in Oak Mtn (bham) in November. For the really crazy, that would prepare you for the 72 hour trek across Florida in 2022. That means if you are interested, you have till June to learn how to ride a Mtn bike well.

See ya up top!

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