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No morning classes today :-(

Felix had a pretty constant cough yesterday and apparently through the night. I will be taking him to the doctor this morning so they can tell me he is fine but I need that note so he can go to day care. It is a "symptom". These days, a symptom kicks you out of school for 3 days unless a doctor's note says the kid is fine. There will still be a 5:30 session today for Tennessee 4. Two spots open currently. The last time you did TN was

Dec 6

Dec 15

Dec 23

What were your distances those days? Get ready to beat them.

The focus will be on the squatting.

KB 5/4 Goblet squat

Lmine Rotational Clean to Press

TRX Bulgarian Split Squats

SA pulldowns

Sbag SL RDL to Row

TRX hand walks

If you would like to come lift some weights this morning, feel free to swing on over to 1895 Palin Ave. Text me if you are coming.

This is the last week of the current cycle.

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