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New York #2

Tonight we will be at the Upper Pavilion rocking the back squats again. This is the last week we will need head lamps. Daylight savings comes this weekend. I know some of you will miss the night running. I will miss the park being closed personally. Many of you are off on Spring Break and next week is the Opelika Spring Break. I currently have no plans for that other than the usual. Now is the time to get your friends to try Iron Blaze SC. One of the reasons I added the 5 sessions for $75 was to make it an easier entry with less obligation. I personally think that if someone tries 2 free sessions and 5 for $75 they will probably get over the fears that drive our society and quite frankly our species.

Heat. Cold. Uncomfortable. These are things we need dosages of on a regular basis. The create internal challenges that we then get to overcome. Overcoming obstacles is pretty daggum important for humans. See you all tonight!

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Today's location is...

1895 Palin Ave Opelika, AL 36801 Other side of town. No trail running today.

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