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New Jersey round 2

Today we will be in the lower pavilion for our vertical pull focus. Chin ups. The park closes at 5 pm so for those in the evening, I will have to let you in unless you get there before 5. New Jersey works out very conveniently for me because I am riding on a spare tire and I'm not so sure how great towing a heavy trailer on a spare is for the tire.

It was a pretty ironic event. I purchased the truck after my lease ended (depreciated very well) 2 weeks ago. My dashboard was yelling at me Saturday that I needed air in my front driver side tire. I was late for something important to go get air. It didn't look that low but I couldn't find a tire gauge to check it out. Put air tire, bought a little gauge, it was fine. Computer malfunction. Woke up Sunday and BAM! Back tire is FLAT. Gotta laugh a little at that. Here is the way I see it.

I am very fortunate.

  1. We all get a flat tire, it is going to happen.

  2. It will usually happen at the least convenient time. Not mine. It was Sunday morning where we had a lax and flexible schedule, not on the side of a road with the kids in a rainstorm. I could take my time, put on some clothes I don't mind getting dirty. Lucky.

  3. The screw was smack in the middle of the tread, probably a $20 fix. Easy. Tires needed rotating anyways unlock with an oil change. Knock it all out at once.

My point is that stuff is going to happen. Does it "ruin your day" or can you find the bright spots. Can you get a flat tire and say "Wow, I sure am fortunate."? The hardest part was probably removing the kids car seats to get to the tools. Part of resiliency is about brushing off challenges and taking unforeseen challenges and working through them without letting them bother you.

Evening group- make sure Wix notifications are on. I will send instructions via the app.

See ya in the woods.

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I am laughing bc I just watched my vehicle towed from my house. Zero oil pressure and check engine light came on yesterday. Engine was practically rebuilt 2 weeks ago. Husband has to go to Bham for work so I guess I’ll be catching up on laundry today. Gonna throw in some squats and push ups to move a little. Picking up kids from school- not sure how that will happen!!

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