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New cycle starts today

Today begins a new cycle beginning with Colorado. I ran out of letters (sorry Y and Z) so moving on to states. I could not write about Colorado without mentioning one of my favorite spots, the Manitou Incline. Basically an old trail up a mountain side turn into a giant stair case. 2750ish steps 41% average incline, about a mile. At altitude. The world record is just under 18 minutes. 1 mile. Think about how slow that is. About 3 mph is the WORLD RECORD. You are not allowed to go down the trail, there is a switchback trail off to the side you must take. I have only done it once but will definitely do it again some day.

We aren't climbing anything crazy today but we will be working on the lower body with some front squats. We will also performing a new exercise called the HULLk. Fear not, it will not be 100 reps. I will set up shop at the upper pavilion today.

See ya in the woods.

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