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N2 and more shoe wisdom

Last Wednesday we had a chance to really hone in the Pendlay Row. Remember working on our balance in the upper pavilion? We found a predicted 1 rep max and then did a ton of volume. Your first set will be the weight you did sets of 5. We will attempt to go up from there. If you were not present, we will do the best we can. The average symmetric strength score was 63.1 on the Pendlay Row led by Mr. Hull with a whopping 82.3 and Katie had the highest score for a female.

Yesterday I shared a link to a shoe website. I wouldn't actually buy shoes from there, you can of course but they site is set up well to filter.

Let's use Kay as an example. Kay found her shoe and her stack heights are 25 in the back and 12.5 in the front. This means she has 25mm of cushion under her heel and only 12.5 mm of cushion under the ball of her foot. There is a 12.5 mm difference aka DROP.

So I will help pick out Kay's next shoe.

Step 1- Pronation control. I clicked neutral and minimum stability. Down to 535 choices.

Step 2- Surface- I clicked everything other than Road

Step 3- Heel to toe offset aka drop. I clicked 7-8 and 9-10. Anything less is probably too much.

Step 4- Stack height. I clicked low. She is currently in 25mm in the back 12.5 in the front, they call low 14-18. I would prefer less but with the drop being so big, it probably doesn't exist (next is called minimal and that doesn't exist with a drop of 7-10 which she doesn't need more of yet). The drop change is more important.

Now Kay would go through them and look at stack heights. Some of them may actually be higher than what she is in but the drop is less. Ideally we would have lower stack height but let's see what we get. I would then go through shoe descriptions and find which ones have wide toe boxes. I would mark them.

Then I would try to buy them on zappos. Order all of them that fit your filters. Try them all and send the rest back. Zappos return policy stuff is insanely good. Huge fan. To be honest, this store may have just as good a policy and you can buy them there but I have zero experience with them.

So Kay finds one with a little less drop, a little less stack and a wide toe box that feels good. She sends the others back. In 6 months, we will do the process again with a little less drop, dropping another 2-4 mm. The process will be repeated.

See ya all today for some Horizontal pulling.

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