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Montana #2

Good morning all! Today we have another gorgeous spring day with a fantastic opportunity to deadlift at the lower pavilion. Come ready to get weights set up, do things to prepare your body and your mind.

I will be putting my early focus into the books. Here is what your pre class role should look like.

  1. Try to get there early enough to prep your body. Keep your phone in your car. It is a distraction to you and everyone else. No one wants to hear your phone conversations and 100% of the time the distracted person is the most confused and pays the least attention. This person didn't pay attention to things that were important and rarely makes improvements. Nothing positive. If you don't run with your phone because you don't have a solid gps device or have told me beforehand about an emergency, prepare to find it high in a tree or on an island in the creek.

  2. Look at each book and see what weights you are doing. Get them out and put them at each station. Example- Written next to your name is a 40 lb kb with an exercise. Make sure there is a 40 lb kb. Deadlifts have 125 lbs next to your name. You need to do the math and figure out what weights you will need for this. Many things are accomplished by this. You start warming up a bit by moving things around and you start getting your brain in gear.

  3. Once you have gotten weights out, now some tissue quality work is a smart idea. What areas are tight/gunky, you should work on those.

  4. After this, you probably want to load some light weight on the bar and do a few light sets. Why? Because you need to groove the patterns and prep the body. People who warm up get better. People who don't just get hurt. Pick the team you want to be a part of.

  5. Skipping and running technique drills would be wise at this point.

See ya in the woods!

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