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Maryland volume 3

Today we will improve our ability to pull ourselves. Pullups!

Yesterday Jonathon reminded me about a brand called Xero Shoes. I may actually buy a pair of the trail shoes and Madwin actually needs a new pair of kicks, I just need to make sure they have her size. I had forgotten about this brand but I do think they do a great job.

Schedule for the week-

New Year's Eve- I am contemplating making 4:15 pm the last class of the day. No one has signed up for 5:30 so I am either getting the hint or you are just procrastinating. Let me know which one it is.

New Year's Day- The plan was to host a hike for the park in the morning but I have heard nothing else about it despite my efforts. If the 10 am looks as if it will fill up, I will add an 11:15 to the schedule as well. If 8:30 is the time slot that many of you want on Friday, I can add it back. I find that is typically a pretty flexible day for people.

Let me know your thoughts. Upper pavilion.

See ya in the woods.

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