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Maryland and Bangkok!?!

Today is Maryland. Upper Pavilion. Focus Vertical pulling. Attack the pull up!

A couple quick notes of interest.

Next week's fundraiser event looks to be going well so far. I cancelled all normal classes that day so a session would not be used. If you were an 8 a month person, this will not count as one of them. Invite EVERYONE! Have them sign up on website. The facebook event is more for advertising purposes. It requires very little time/effort to sign up, quite a few of your friends already have. You will be a huge key to the success with your facebook viral spreading skills.

I was invited to come speak in Bangkok Thailand at the World Neuroscience and Psychiatry Conference in March. I get a complimentary 2 nights in Bangkok (what is that a 19 cent value?) and only have to pay 60% of the fee. Very elaborate scam. I wonder what idiot is falling for that one?

See ya in the woods.

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