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Louisiana but without a hurricane for once

Why do you do what you do? For many of you it is because there is a physical appearance you desire. We all have this desire to an extent, some of us it takes us to madness. Some of us have great reasons, some are just because we think it will make us happy if we look a certain way.

Happiness doesn't come from the mirror folks.

No matter what you look like you will not gain TRUE joy from your appearance. Just like you cannot gain true joy from money, sex, drugs, etc. Can you gain a little more self confidence? Sure. Can you get healthier? Absolutely. If you had any idea how unhappy many people that you idolize based on their physical appearance are, you might want to go the opposite direction. Eating healthy and having ideal body composition shouldn't be all about "making myself happy by looking better in my selfies", it should be about being able to physically perform at a higher level. It should be about being able to function mentally at the highest level possible.

True everlasting Happiness is only going to come from 1 place. God. Nowhere else. Searching elsewhere is going to be a long fruitless search. With that being said, it is my belief that we are a world full of "cultural Christians". It is cool to say you like Jesus. It's the thing to do, particularly here in Alabama. The question you need to ask yourself is do you have real internal happiness and joy or not. If the answer is not, why not? In my opinion, you are searching for something and haven't found it yet.

I hope you find it. The love of Jesus. When you find it and it is deep inside of you, TRULY in you, I believe your reason for wanting to "exercise" will change. I hope you all have an incredible day, appreciate the gifts you are given. Be thankful and be in awe of God's love for you and his creation around you.

With all that being said, let's start by working on what we drink. I challenge you to drink nothing that is sweet tasting or alcohol. This is step 1. Women- 96 oz. Men- 128 oz. EVERY DAY. This is hard as the temps get cooler. Much harder.

Here is my favorite. Green tea bags that brew hot or cold.

Upper Pavilion today. See in the woods.

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