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I think a lot of people often forget the reason for "exercise". We live in a society where vanity is everything and our food quality is horrendous. We as a whole consume things that truthfully aren't food at all but garbage. This causes excessive adipose tissue to build and suddenly exercise is about "weight loss." Undoing all the bad things. Ideally, exercise is something we do so that we can DO more. We ideally exercise so that we have less limitations. Maybe you don't need someone to get something heavy out of the top of the cabinet because you can climb and get it yourself. Or maybe you want to be able to carry your own excessively large Christmas tree and set it up on your own. (this guy) Maybe someone says "Hey, lets go run 6+ miles through a light show at Callaway Gardens, that will be fun!" THIS is why we exercise.

Very proud of these two for all their hard work and reducing their limitations in life. The Santa Claus 10k through the Fantasy of Lights was a mission they decided they were going to accomplish and of course...They did.

Today begins a new cycle. Tennessee will be our first state. The movements today are

5/4 KB Goblet Squat

Landmine Rotational Clean to press

TRX Bulgarian Squats

Single Arm Pull down

Sbag SL RDL to Row

Feet in TRX hand walk

Tuesday will be Horizontal Row focused

Wednesday will involve a lot of running in the woods

Thursday will focus on hinging

Friday will focus on vertical pulling

The format of the first few minutes is going to change significantly. There is not enough body preparation occurring.

We will begin with an explanation.

Then a 4 minute light jog- increase core body temperature

Then 3 minutes of a dynamic warm up- increase usable range of motion and activation of important movement patterns

Then 5 minutes of a light 40 second/10 second hustle hustle practice round.

Don't be shocked if your distances start dropping a bit on average. You will have less time to run.

There just HAS to be better and more warmup/movement prep/body prep work. The current protocol isn't good enough.

See ya in the upper today.

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