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Last official day of summer!

Today is the official last day of summer. Tomorrow is technically the beginning of fall. The weather is actually cooperating. Why? There is no tailgating. You all know damn well that if there was tailgating this weekend, it would be 94 degrees in Auburn this week. Instead the high today is 72. (80 for Saturday in case you are curious) What does this mean for you?

If you have grown accustomed to a heat index of 103, it will feel potentially "chilly" today. Briefly.

You will need to be mindful of water consumption in a different way. When it was HOT, you brought tons of water and drank it not only to rehydrate but to cool off as well. Now, you won't need it as much for the cooling effect but you still need to stay hydrated. The big thing I believe is how much effort you guys put into your hydration efforts the night before. You all knew that you were about to tackle a challenging workout in high temps. Maybe a few glasses of wine the night before was no longer worth it. The idea of cramping up in the middle of the woods didn't sound like fun to you. Keep this mindset going. Get/keep your body prepared for training.

You may want to bring layers of clothing. I would probably start with jogging pants and long sleeve jacket/shirt/hoodie. As you get going and warm up, strip layers off.

Today's workout is X1. The focus will be on the bench press/horizontal pressing. Today we will use the upper pavilion for our adventure. Let's frolic with some joy today much like my little guy Felix.

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