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Last day of the cycle

Today we will finish the week off with Q4

Dates to check are...

Aug 7

Aug 25

Sept 2

You know the goal. Run further. Chin ups are the name of the game today. Some of you are getting closer and closer to your unassisted chin up. Honestly, you are all getting closer. Think of it like achieving levels with the chin ups.

Level 1- 5 reps with green and black

Level 2- 7 reps with green and black

Level 3- 9 reps with green and black

Level 4- 5 reps with green

Level 5- 7 reps with green

Level 6- 9 reps with green

Level 7- 5 reps with black

Level 8- 7 reps with black

Level 9- 9 reps with black

Level 10- 1 REP WITH NADA!

These are the steps to get to a chinup/pull up. Once we get to 1 bodyweight rep, the goal becomes 2. It builds from there until I decide it is time to strap some weight on you.

See ya in the woods.

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