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It's K day!!

Today we will tackle the 4th installment of workout "K". Vertical pulling will be featured in today's training session. I have put all of your deadlift scores in from yesterday. Scott is current leader with a 63.1 and Catherine leads the females currently with a 52.5. I am working on putting push press scores in as we speak. The last time we did "k" was




Feel free to create and bring your own notebook for tracking. Julie dug out an oldie and I like people tracking their own as I think it creates a sense of ownership and buy in. Just keep it in the car and should be good. I am constantly looking for the fastest and simplest solution to tracking training session progress, I may find a better idea in the near future. I personally track with an app right now but also have used good ol fashioned paper. The app is only useful if the device isn't a distraction and can be out of the way and quick and easy.

Remember the game plan.

1. Come in and check your previous weights and reps. Make sure the weights you will need are quickly accessible so we can hit the ground running. Getting weights out is a great part of a warmup. Once you write in your first weight/rep, you don't really need to write anything else.

2. Know your distance goal. Today is about doing the same work on the weights and getting more work done on the trails. Have a target.

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