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It is time to finish the week off adventure

Today we are going to meet at Kreher Preserve. We will meet in the north parking lot off of Farmville Rd. There is a lot of construction on College so keep that in mind that if you come up College, it may be a bit slower than expected. Today you are going to learn or at least get a taste of the skill of Orienteering. This is a sport that will be part of World Games 2022 in Birmingham next year

I recommend you check out the website as you might find some intrigue in sports I have never even heard of. Think of it as an ESPN ocho Olympics

Here is a glimpse of Orienteering. This British team has lots of great videos.

I will provide the map. You will need to provide long socks (if you want) If you have a compass, bring it. I will teach you to use mine and then let you borrow it. This will be done in teams.

You can see the map I will be printing out here. It won't load for some reason.

To get to Kreher Northern lot, use this address

2127 Lee Rd 72, Auburn, AL 36830

See you in the woods!

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