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It is going to be cold and rainy and it is going to be awesome!

We have another glorious winter day at the lower pavilion today to celebrate Minnesota one more time. The weather is going to be great today. Why? How? Because I choose for it to be great. Your attitude and outlook is your choice. As Jon can soon attest, the emotional process of making that positive choice is everything. (Jon has taken on the challenging task of reading "Why Zebras don't get Ulcers".) The process of choosing to be negative has physical effects on the body, lots of them actually. You choose your attitude. I am getting ready to dig 16 good sized holes in my yard to plant trees and shrubs. This weather is going to make it so much easier to get that job done. When I built my raised vegetable bed last March, the dirt was so hard that most of my digging was with a crow bar. The ground is so wet now thanks to all this rain, It will be a cinch!

Look at it like this. The Apple + show Ted Lasso was made off a silly commercial. It has now been nominated for multiple awards and there will be a 3rd season. Why? People are drawn to it and magnetized to it. Why? Ted oozes joy and positivity and love. The show is filled with characters who are honest, full of joy and forgiving. There is a lot in there that deep down, we want to be more like ourselves in REAL life.

I am contemplating doing a team adventure race. There are so many varieties and brands out there. Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, the list goes on forever. There are also even more "Natural" races I am still researching and learning about that seem to involve kayaking, biking, hiking as a team using a map and coordinates. Some are a few hours, some a few days. Yes, I am curious.

Today's goal- run further than any previous Minnesota. Those dates include

Jan 25

Feb 2

Feb 10

See ya in the woods!

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