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Idaho...Ain't just a bunch of taters

Today we have our 3rd installment of "Idaho"

Single Arm KB Rows

Single Arm Split stance Cable Press

Pendlay Row

Single leg single arm hinge row

pull ups

Sandbag Get up

This one is a more time consuming set of movements. You won't run as long so be ready to run fast. Take your time documenting so we can adjust weights to create proper dosage of challenge. If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

Ya know what...Let's get a little crazy today. Morning groups- let's set up today down by the lake where the pullup bar already is located. I think I can set this up down there. (Cable press may present an obstacle but that's half the fun...overcoming those) That picture just inspired me a bit. Evening group- plan for Upper pavilion.

See ya by the water.

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Today's location is...

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